Marsden Peculiar Court Wills 1654 - 1855

The village of Marsden which lies in the Parishes of Almondbury and Huddersfield had its own Court which had the power to prove wills, known as the Marsden Peculiar.

Many Marsden people had their wills proved at this court, in the early 1900's the Northern Genealogist Magazine published an index to these wills, it included the wills of 300 people covering the years 1654 to 1855.

The index covers 10 pages which can be seen on the below links, click on the link to see the page which includes the names you are interested in.


Bamforth - Carter

Carter - Firth

Firth - Haigh

Haigh - Holroyd

Holroyd - Kirk

Laycock - Midwood

Midwood - Shaw

Shaw - Shaw

Shaw - Whitehead

Whitehead - Wrigley