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* Beginners Guides / Getting Started
* Genuki - Premier family history for the UK
* Libraries and Record Offices
* Baptisms / Births / Marriages / Death search sites
* Yorkshire and West Riding Family History Groups
* Surname / ancestor Searches
* Family History Societies
* Census Information 1841 - 1911
* Information relating to the Colne Valley and the Huddersfield area
* Probate, Criminal & Court records
* Professional researchers offering to do local research
* Mormon - Family Search site for church baptisms and marriages
* Society of Genealogists
* Paver's and Boyds Marriage Index
* Family Tree Programs for the Computer
* Bookshops commercial outlets
* World War - Soldier who died in the war
* Other site with good links to Family History Sites
* Directories Maps and Photographs and DNA


  Beginners Guides / Getting Started
* Roy Stockdill's guide for newcomers 
* RootsWeb guide to tracing family trees
*'s Beginners guides WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
*'s  Introduction to Genealogy
*'s Free Genealogy Charts
*'s Family Group Sheet - Free to download and print
*'s Ancestral Chart  - Free to download and print
* Free Family Tree Charts from
* various guides to begging your research  
* Genealogy - The Complete Resource Guide by  
* Genealogical Proof Standard by Marc McDermott  
* Home Genealogy Guide for 2019 from  
* How to get started on your family tree - Claire's corner web site  
Genuki - Premier family history for the UK
* Genuki - offers advice and information on almost all topics on Family History
* Yorkshire genealogy
* Colin Hinsons West Riding Towns and parishes
Libraries and Record Offices
* West Yorkshire Archive Services Main Page
* West Yorkshire Archive Services Online Catalogue Search  
* Kirklees Archives Services
* Wakefield Archives Services
* Bradford Archives Services
* Calderdale   Archive Services
* Leeds Archives Services
* Yorkshire Archaeological Society
* Borthwick Institute at York
* Borthwick Cause Papers Index 1300 - 1858  
* Public Record Office - London
* The National Archives - Wills, Census & Migration etc.
* Newspaper Searches via Kirklees Library - Gale collection - free access  
* West Yorkshire Quarter Session  Records  1637-1914  
* West  Yorkshire Roman Catholic Oath Records 1714 - 1787,  1829  
* Peculiar  of Knaresborough & Archdeaconry of Richmond Wills  1521-1858  
Baptisms / Births / Marriages / Death search sites
* LDS Mormon Family Search for Baptisms and Marriages
* Free BMD  (Births, Marriages and Deaths from the St Catherine's Indexes)
* UK BMD - Links to all known web sites that offer indexes and information about UK Births, Marriages and Deaths
* Findmypast (1837online) for Births, Marriages & Deaths 1837- 2001 costs incurred
* - costs incurred to search BMD index
* LDS Mormon Vital Records Index Volume 2   WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* Yorkshire Archaeological Society
* YAS   Yorkshire Parish Register Section's  list
* Tana Willis Johnson's Search Lists of Parish Records
* Marsden Graveyard Inscrtiptions By Marsden Local History Group
* The Family Records Centre website
* General Register Office - info on birth, marriage & death certificates
* General Register Office - login page to search BMDs  
* Scotish Birth, Marriages and Deaths 1855-1955
* Republic of Ireland - The General Register Office Web Site
* Northern Ireland General Register Office
* Family History Online - Search FHS indexes online - costs incurred
* Launds Inn Museum - Information relating to Scammonden and Pole Moor Areas  
* Kirkburton Grave Yard Inscriptions  
* Ireland's historic BMD registers  
* Leeds General Cemetery Burials 1835 - 1992  
* Deceased on Line - including cemetery and crematorium rcords - searches free  
* Wellhouse Methodist Church Golcar - findagrave inscriptions  
Yorkshire and West Riding Family History Groups
* Yorkshire Family History Emailing Group  - Yorksgen WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* West Riding Family History Emailing Group - West-Riding WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* Other Internet Groups covering English Mailing Groups
* Search the Mailing Lists archives  ---     YORKSGEN    1997 -2005
* Search the Mailing Lists archives ---      WEST-RIDING 1998 - 2005
* RootsWeb england mailing lists
* RootsWeb - all mailing lists (World Wide)
* See a list of Yorksgen Members' personal websites   WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
Surname / Ancestor Searches
* Yorkshire West Riding Surname Interest List - search and submit
* Surname Profiler England, Scotland & Wales - by Spacial Literacy

* Forebares - 1881 Surname Distribution and Meanings  
* UK web surname search - (County-Surnames)   WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* RootsWeb.Com  -   Extensive site with a free Surname search facility
* Roots Web search over 460 Million Names from World Connect
* Ancestry.Com - Extensive site with a free Surname search facility
* - Same databases as above but aimed at UK & Ireland
* Yorkshire Strays from the 1851 Census WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* American Family Immigration Histrory centre - Ellis island Passengers   WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* UKgid - UK Genealogy Interests Diectory
* Lost Cousins - find ancestor matches with others 
* Genesreunited - enter and search family trees
Family History Societies
* Federation of Family History Societies
* Huddersfield & District Family History Society
* Wakefield & District Family History Society
* Bradford Family History Society
* Calderdale Family History Society
* West yorkshire archive service - archive search (online catalogue)
Census Information 1841 - 1911
* 1841 census CDs for sale from Stepping-Stones of York
* 1881 census for England from the L.D.S.
* 1881 USA Census from the L.D.S.
* 1880 Canadian Census from the L.D.S.
  1921 Canadian Census (free) canadian government  
  1921 Newfoundland census (free) family search  
* 1881 census CDs for sale from the Mormon family history centre WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* 1891 census CDs from S&N genealogical services
* 1901 Census Free Searches from the PRO
* 1901 Extractor Program free from Leeds Indexers
* 1901 census available on Fiche from the Public Record Office   WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* 1911 census at Find my Past free searches costs for info
* 1841 -1901 England and Wales -  costs incurred
* 1841, 1861, 1871, 1891 from Findmypast (1837online) - costs incurred
* FreeCen Project   WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* Family History Online - Search FHS indexes - cost incurred
* Scotish census returns 1841-1901 - costs incurred
* Tana Willis Johnson's Search list for Censuses

Information relating to the Colne Valley and the Huddersfield area

* Launds Inn Museum - Information relating to Scammonden and Pole Moor Areas
* Glynn Burhouse's Honley Web Site
* Marsden Local History Group
* Peter Whiteheads  Marsden Whitehead Web Site
* Kirkheaton on line Parish Clerk - Kirkheaton area data and databases  
* White Rose Genealogy - descendants of John Barber of Holmfirth  
Probate records
* Find a Will 1858-2019 Government Probate Service  
* Prerogative & Exchequer Courts of York Probate Index  1688-1858   
  York Peculiars Probate Collection  1383-1857   
* Public Record Office - Wills on line (National Archives Canterbury 1384-1858) WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* Court, Governmental & Criminal Records - ancestry  
* Public Record Office Leaflet on Line info    (England and Wales)
* Wills and Probate - some useful information from Genealogy about
* Lancashire Wills Search Web Site 16th to 19th Centuary
* Scotish Wills 1513-1901 - costs incurred
* Cause Papers held at the Borthwick Institute York  
* Lancashire Wills & Probates 1457-1858 (FMP)  
Professional researchers offering to do local research
* West Yorkshire Archives list of searchers
Mormon - Family Search site for church baptisms and marriages & Census
* L.D.S. Family Search Main Page with Introduction and Details
* I.G.I. Family Search - search for baptisms and marriages
* I.G.I. Family Search - search all resources
* I.G.I. Family Search - search ancestral file
* L.D.S. Census 1881 England, 1880 USA and 1881 Canadian
* Searching specific church records using batch numbers WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
Society of Genealogists
* Society of genealogists main web page
Paver's and Boyds Marriage Index
* Boyds Marriage Index at English Origins
* Paver's marriage licenses 1567 to 1628 WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
Family Tree Programs for the Computer
* Brother Keeper   WB01570_.gif (184 bytes)Info
* Family Tree Maker
* Family Tree Maker Free Trial 2005se (limited eddition upgradable)
* Gedcom to HTML translator
* Reunion designed for the macintosh
* Master Genealogist
* PAF Personal Ancestral File (Latter Day Saints)
* Roots Magic
Bookshops commercial outlets
* Genfair on-line bookstore
* Family History.Com
* Yorkshire Ancestors - Accomodation, Classes and Bookshop
World War - Soldier who died in the war
* War Graves Commission - search for soldiers who died in the wars
* Colne Valley Soldiers of the First World War
Other site with good links to Family History Sites
* Cyndi's Lists
* Guy Etchells Links
* Tana Willis Johnson's Family History Site
* Ontario Canada Marriages
* Mallinson Family History Site - includes Colne Valley Mallinsons
* Peter Whiteheads  Marsden Whitehead Web Site
* Australian research including Birth Marriage and Death records  
Directories Maps and Photgraphs and DNA
* Ordinance Survey Maps 1854 - 1952  
* England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1920-1932  
* England & Wales, Electoral Registers 1832-1932  
* UK Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors 2002-2018  
* Infosearch for people and addresses
* Free Electrol Roll searches  
* Free Tracing People  
* British phone book  
* B4USearch Register Electors on line for Free
* 192 The largest UK directory enquiry service - Costs incurred
* Old Maps of England featuring the 1854 maps on line
* MultiMap - locate a street or place in England
* Your Maps on Line - Old Maps of Yorkshire etc.
* Domesday Book info site
* Pigot's 1834 Commercial Directory
* Transcript for HUDDERSFIELD in Baines's Directory of 1822.
* Trade Directories on line from Historical Directories
* Borthwick Cause Papers 1300 - 1858 searchable database  
* Geograph web site with photos from all places - searchable  
* Australia - Ryerson Death Notices in Australian Newspapers  
* DNA - Guide to Finding the best DNA ancestry Test  
Foreign research sites
* Tracing London Convicts in Britain & Australia, 1780-1925 old bailey  


Extra Information about the above topics

       1901 census available on Fiche from the Public Record Office

This page has the order form for the 1901 census fiches- though it should be noted that this is only an order form for an estimate - they will then write to you for your money!!   you can identify the fiche you want by going to the catalogue  and click on go to reference in that box type RG13 on the next page click on browse the catalogue from here and you will then be able to scroll down the counties if you click on the county, e.g. Yorkshire you are then presented with all the different registration districts, e.g. Halifax, Saddleworth etc you then open them up and get the individual sub-districts with fiche numbers You can then fill in these numbers into the form and email it off If you want street indexes you can also look these up and get references to include in your order.

        Searches specific church records using batch numbers

IGI BATCH NUMBER INDEX, BRITISH ISLES AND NORTH AMERICA. Here's a major   tool for researchers who are using the IGI (International Genealogical Index) -- a complete listing of IGI Batch Numbers of batches produced as part of the Controlled Extraction Program organised by country and county or state or province. It is extensively cross-linked where batches cover more than one location or a location appears in the IGI in more than one jurisdiction. Plus there's direct links to the IGI itself for "one click" easy-to-use searches by batch with or without specifying a surname. This site provides a means to overcome the 5,000-record limit when using the online IGI to browse through large batches of records. Coverage is British Isles, Canada and United States. This site proved so useful to researchers that it received more than 100,000 hits in the first three weeks after it went live last month.

        See a list of Yorksgen Members' personal websites

See a list of Yorksgen Members' personal websites:    To add yours to the list send an e-mail to   Include your name, email address, site url, 25 word description of your site.

       Public Record Office - Wills on line

This gives information about wills kept at the P.R.O, select the link, then go to the search facility at the bottom of the page.
Just going into the PRO home page doesn't seem to give a link that works at the moment.

        LDS Mormon Vital Records Index Volume 2

Produced by the LDS Mormon church, this set of Cds include details of many church baptisms and marriages, These can be ordered by phone from the LDS Birmingham centre, their cost is approx. the equivalent of $20 payable by cheque or credir card.

     Colne Valley Society 

About the Society  -  The society was formed in 1972 to stimulate interest in the area of the Colne Valley, to protect its natural
beauties and preserve its heritage.  As a civic and amenity society we keep a watch on new development proposals, intervening where appropriate to ensure that existing good buildings and environments are not mutilated and that improvements maintain the unique character of the valley.    Meetings are open to the public inside Slaithwaite's Civic Hall and are held on the first Tuesday of most months of the year. Guest speakers on all kinds of subjects of local interest give talks, usually accompanied by videos or slides.   If you have any news or concerns about any aspect of the Colne Valley, we urge you to contact us. We
deal with issues such as planning, litter and rural transport amongst others. We can arrange local clean-ups to clear areas of rubbish or overgrown footpaths.  Please phone Peter Kirkham on 842023.
Venue Details: Slaithwaite Civic Hall, New Street, Slaithwaite.  Time: Tuesdays @ 7.30pm (First Tuesday of each month)
Cost: A contribution of 50p is requested to cover the cost of the hall. Includes refreshments.

    Yorkshire Strays from the 1851 Census

Strays, in this case, refers to those who were born in Yorkshire but, on census night, found themselves in other counties. If you should see someone on this site that is of interest to you, and you would like the fuller census information, then get in touch with me at I will be happy to look the original information up for you, which comes with their permission from  The Church of the Latter Day Saints. The information on these pages is for personal use only, not for re-distribution or publication. I hope this site helps to knock down a brick wall or fit a piece into the puzzle! Let me know what you think of the site in my visitors book on the last page. Enjoy   Carole Clyde.

    Paver's marriage licenses 1567 to 1628

After a couple of years intermittant work, I have finally managed to get the Paver's marriage licenses that were published in some of the pre-1900 Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal into a state where I can put them on the web. These cover the period 1567 to 1628. The original data in the journals varies greatly in the formatting e.g. sometimes the surname is before the Christian name, sometimes the year is on each line, in a few cases (1618-1620) the day is given etc. etc. In order to get some uniformity into the data on the web pages, I have used software to do all the moving around of the various fields, but of course doing it this way means that the rules have to be written into the software, and the rules must tell the software what the original looks like and assumes that the original is uniformly set out. Unfortunately of course, it isn't and so the output can well contain errors. The data I have just uploaded is a "first pass" and is currently in a single *very large* file. I would appreciate people telling me of any formatting errors (i.e. data in the wrong column) or typos etc. etc., but be aware that there are many different spellings of both names of people and names of places (there are 6 for Lythe for instance). There are a total of around 10,000 licenses and thus around 20,000 names.

As I had so much trouble with the URL for the Subsidy Rolls, I have set up a temporary auto re-direction page at: the file will take 2 or 3 minutes to complete the download at 56K. Please note that this is only a temporary URL. When this is removed, there will be a link placed under "Church Records" on the main Genuki Yorkshire page.  - Colin Hinson.

    UK web surname search

Great News for Genealogy Studies in The United Kingdom    The UK Surnames Web site is a Facility for exchanging family history data. The site currently has in excess of 33000 names listed from nearly 6000 contributors and is growing daily. Advantages of this Surnames Listing site over other Surname Listing Sites:
1. All updates are live - no waiting for the site administrator to get round to updating it.
2. Contributors are able to completely manage their own entries.
3. The Whole of the UK on one site - no need to manage entries on multiple lists, it is all in one place and easily grouped by
county and region.
4. All email addresses are hidden. Spammers find it extremely difficult to "farm" email addresses from this site. Your email
address is secure, and will not be given or sold to any other party.
5. Search for exact match over entire country, or partial match for individual counties.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Please note that part of the site facilities are only available to subscribers, however ALL The County Surname Lists are
available and fully functional FREE OF Charge. The additional features available to subscribers are enhanced search and ease of use facilities, and the primary purpose is to help finance the site whilst still offering the full functionality of the site to remain free for all - This is the case now and will always remain so - IT IS NOT MY INTENTION TO EVER REMOVE THE FREE DATABASES either for contributors, or browsers.

Malcolm Hills

    Brother Keeper

Brother's Keeper is a Windows genealogy shareware program that will help you organize your family history information and let you print a large variety of charts and reports. BK5 works with Windows 3.1 or up with 8 megs RAM or more. BK6 works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP. There is no charge to download BK to try it out.   You may download BK from this site to try it out, and you may purchase the full version from our online store or by mail or fax.

    American Family Immigration History centre

Family genealogy facility and database of immigration records from The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. Search passenger records for immigrants who were processed through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1924.'s Beginner's guides

Getting Started on your Family History Learn how to get started on your family history. Our learn section has everything you need to get you started on building your family tree. Get started now!

    FreeCen Project

The FreeCEN Project is a volunteer effort to provide a free online searchable database of the 19th century UK census returns, initially concentrating mainly on those for 1891.

Hi Everyone,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Carol and I am the WRY Co-ordinator for the FreeCensus Project and it has been a while since I last contacted the mailing list. For those of you who have not seen my messages then I will give a brief outline of the project. Freecensus is an Internet-based 'free-to-view' project that will enable researchers to view details of UK
Censuses between the years 1841 and 1891, especially the ability to search by surname across census years and counties. I am sure that you will agree that to have this facility is an important step. In particular, it will considerably help researchers that cannot visit the U.K., or even those in the U.K. who find difficulty in travelling.

Great progress has been made for the counties of Devon and Cornwall already, and some have already been uploaded for on-line viewing. Other counties have already started, and others will soon start, in particular tackling the 1891 Census at this stage. However, to put all those details on line does require a lot more effort. If you have access to a fiche reader and even if you can only afford a few hours per week, please seriously consider offering your help as transcriber and/or checker. Free software, procedures and all kinds of help are available. Please take a look at an overall view of the project at the Project webpage...... My team are doing really well and hopefully we will have our first transcription uploaded in the near future.

There is a new spreadsheet format available now for transcribing (SSCENS4) as well as the INCENS programme that has been used for quite some time. Either programme can be used - it is really down to personal preference.

As county co-ordinator for W Riding of Yorkshire , I am currently looking for volunteers to help with this county's transcription. The fiche I have available for transcription for this county are for Darton, Worsbro, High Hoyland, Kimberworth, Wath, Wakefield, Bretton, Sandal, Stanley, Horbury, Alverthorpe, Sheffield, Brightside, Attercliffe, Handsworth.
Please come forward and volunteer your help on this important project, whether for the area I have specified or for any other area of interest to you. If you are a member of a FHS or Local History Society, perhaps you could help further the success of this project by seeking the help of other members? Perhaps you may have questions to ask? I look forward to hearing from you.

Regards,  Carol FreeCensus Co-ordinator for WRY

     Yorkshire Family History Emailing Group  - Yorksgen

YORKSGEN. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in the county of Yorkshire, England. To subscribe send "subscribe" to (mail mode) or (digest mode).

    West Riding Family History Emailing Group - West-Riding

WEST-RIDING. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in West Riding, Yorkshire, England prior to 1974. To subscribe send "subscribe" to (mail mode) or (digest mode).

1881 census CDs for sale from the Mormon family history centre

Orders for the 1881 census and Vital Records CDs can be ordered from, 
Distribution Centre, Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints, 399 Garretts Green Lane, Garretts Green, Birmingham, B33 0UH.
The 1881 Census CDs are item no. 50169 and cost approx 30
The British Vital Records CD (ver 1) is item no. 50028 and costs approx 15
You can telephone their office and order using a credit card.


Other site of local interest

9th Huddersfield Scouts

S-W     Huddersfield Scouts